I study biomechanics using computer models of musculoskeletal systems of people, and more recently, tuna fish. In that subgroup (as if that isn’t niche enough!) I’m more on the technical side. I like math, I like programming, and I enjoy applying these skills to biomechanical problems. For the next year I will be working at the University of Duisburg-Essen as a postdoctoral fellow. My wife and I have moved here for the year to embark on a cultural pilgrimage of Europe, and to immerse ourselves in German culture.


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  1. Hi Matt. I just read Michelle’s latest notes and wondered about you. You must be totally focused on your teaching and research work? I trust that you will take advantage of the opportunities outside your work to ‘smell the roses’. Whenever I travelled on business, I always scheduled some time to enjoy the culture and people wherever I was. As a result, travelling was fun and not a burden as many people make it out to be.
    Winter has arrived here with about 8 inches of heavy wet snow and blowing wind so it is not nice. We are looking forward to what has become our usual 3 months in Palm Desert (Jan. thru March) where we enjoy shorts, sandals, sun and golf. This year the place we rented has a garage so no worries about forgetting to lock the car – just have to remember to shut the garage door!

    Cheers, Uncle Mike

    • Hey Uncle Mike! I was indeed swamped around the time you sent the message – I was writing and teaching a course and doing research. This had me working 10-16 hour days for about 4 months, with a few very late nights when I had extra work. I hope not to be that crushed with work in the future!

      As for travel, yes we have been getting around. So far we’ve visited in Germany: Dusseldorf, Koln, Xantern, Heide, Hamburg, Berlin, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, Esslingen. And of course we’ve lived in Duisburg, now we live in Stuttgart, and I work in Heidelberg. Outside of Germany we’ve been to Portugal (Lisbon & Porto), Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels and Bruge). In a few months we’ll be going to Vienna. Next year? Probably Switzerland. After that, who knows – I haven’t been to Norway/Sweden, nor have I seen much of east Europe yet.

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